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Unique Professional Background Suited for Long-Term Success


About the Leadership

Richard Chen, a successful entrepreneur and value investor, is the founder of, a wealth management company that has been serving investors for more than 3 years.

His competitive advantage lies in a combination of skills and his experience as a business operator and a value investor. This enables him to manage your assets to beat the S&P and perhaps even Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in the years to come.

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Additionally, Richard’s success in beating market indices stems from synergies in evaluating moats and financial statements equally well. Typically, individuals focus in one direction at the expense of the other.

Richard considers himself fortunate to operate businesses in his 20s and start value investing in his 30s. If you wish to learn more about his career, please visit his LinkedIn Profile.

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Why Are We Doing This?

When investing, an owner of capital invests with the expectation of getting more in the future. As such, the mission of in Naples, Florida is to offer real and permanent value to those who invest. 

Core Values

Our mission is built on three core values, and the concept of each core value is paired with at least one method of implementation.

Investor First

Concept: is committed to getting results for the investor as our first priority.

Implementation: We offer the lowest rates for our service, taking into consideration all investment outcomes.

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Concept: is committed to beating the market index as a benchmark.

Implementation: We regularly posts performance updates against the S&P 500 Index, assessing a real portfolio and providing verifiable documentation.

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Concept: By investing and analyzing underlying businesses, significantly increases long-term performance.

Implementation: Portfolio selection is based on the company’s long-term business prospects and metrics strength, with low turnover.

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